Midwest Energy Cooperative

Midwest Energy is growing quickly due to their fiber-to-home initiative. M+H worked with Midwest on a design that maintains their strong desire to have their employees stay on one campus but showcases their innovative thinking and collaborative approach to business. A comprehensive site, facility and needs assessment revealed many inadequacies for current and future space needs. Existing buildings required moderate-to-significant modifications for safety and building code requirements and energy efficiency, the overall layout and traffic flow compromised operational efficiencies, and serious safety and security concerns were present.

Midwest Energy saw the improvements as the best way to attract new customers and strengthen the customer satisfaction they’ve already earned. The new headquarters (totaling 82 acres) consists of a new two-story tilt-up 38,400 SF office, 13,200 SF Operations facility and hardened datacenter, 53,000 SF vehicle and equipment storage, warehouse and enclosed material storage with separate 24,900 SF maintenance and covered vehicle storage facility. The new building layout and design create functional and operational efficiencies that positively impact the bottom line. The new facility totals 129,500 SF and remains located in Cassopolis, Michigan.

Creating more than just a physical structure, Midwest’s fiber-based communication system will power utility solutions into the future and give access to information and data that will help address problems and opportunities in real time. This positions them for whatever technology brings their way. Midwest is changing the landscape, providing previously unknown opportunities for homes and businesses, and creating an environment for community growth from an economic development perspective.