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Plaza Frontenac

Frontenac, Missouri

Panera in Plaza Frontenac

The Challenge

Plaza Frontenac turned to M+H Architects to execute an expansion that would include two new restaurants. The limited area directly adjacent to an existing shopping center provided several challenges. Not only did we need to provide a well-designed and branded space, but we also needed to provide adequate parking and accessibility, and meet extensive storm water treatment requirements.

Panera in Plaza Frontenac

The Solution

One of the restaurants, Saint Louis Bread Company, was designed to complement Plaza Frontenac. We incorporated an outdoor seating area surrounding a carefully planned rain garden. The rain garden provides a visual break from the busy intersection, as well as privacy, noise reduction and a storm runoff treatment.

Panera in Plaza Frontenac

Size & Specs

  • 12,000 SF


  • Master Planning
  • 3D Modeling
  • Shell Building Design
Panera in Plaza Frontenac