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Our Firm

Experience + Commitment

Fenton Logistics Park tilt up
Cuivre River

Always advancing your vision.

M+H Architects was founded in 1989 as Mitchell and Hugeback Architects – but the way we see it, our story has never been about us.

Our story is rooted in how we combine industry experience, creative architecture and advanced technology to build the future of our clients’ businesses.

To make that happen, we have created a professional, collaborative culture that’s always driving our people forward. We are learners and explorers, working with clients and each other to uncover ways to bring goals and visions to life.

Our Guiding Values

  • Excellence

    We bring decades of industry experience to every building – and are always exploring new ways forward.

  • Client-Advocacy

    We’re down-to-earth professionals who are committed to helping your vision become reality, and seeing your business thrive.

  • Visionary

    We use creativity to bring innovative ideas to life, and next-generation technology to help you see how they will work in the real world.

  • Trusted

    We’ve built close relationships with our clients over the last 30+ years, and we’re honored they keep bringing their most important projects to us.

  • Responsive

    When clients have questions, we have answers – right away.

M+H consistently delivers creative and innovative solutions that meet our projects’ budget and schedule.

Bob Brinkmann, Brinkmann Construction