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Union Power Cooperative HQ

Monroe, North Carolina

The Challenge

Union Power Cooperative is a growing business serving a rapidly developing area near Charlotte, NC. Their need to upgrade facilities coincided with keeping up with evolving service needs. The desire to maintain presence in the current location required a rework of the existing campus to accommodate a modern facility that was more functional and efficient.

The Solution

The multi-component new facility includes a two story office with Warehouse, Vehicle Storage and Maintenance facilities that replace smaller buildings on the same site while the business maintained operations. The new facility is intended to be more functional, appealing to employees, and set up for future growth, while also enhancing new safety and security measures.

Size & Specs

  • 120,000 SF
  • Space for 140 Employees
  • 28 Acres


  • 3D Modeling
  • Master Planning
  • Immersive Design
  • Space Planning