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E-Commerce Fullfillment Distribution Center (ARS)

Multiple Locations

The Challenge

These unique facilities have a variety of challenges that are not typically seen in the industrial market. This client has specific building criteria, as well as an aggressive and strict schedule to meet their operational needs and requirements. Fulfilling the needs of the client through careful coordination with their specialty consultants is the key to a successful project that’s delivered on time.

The Solution

These multi-level facilities require vigilant coordination and review to ensure they comply with local and state Building Codes. The design team collaboratively works together to present a Performance Based Design Analysis to the local building officials. This analysis is a critical piece to meet Building Codes and provide a safe working environment for the building occupants. These facilities provide vast amounts of square footage to meet the client’s specialized equipment needs and exceed the industry standard.


  • 2020 | Memphis, TN | 2,950,000 SF
  • 2021 | Chicago, IL | 3,890,000 SF
  • 2022 | Davenport, IA | 2,822,000 SF
  • 2023 | Buffalo, NY | 3,341,000 SF
  • 2023 | Dane County, WI | 3,341,000 SF
  • NA | Montgomery, AL | 2,800,000 SF (designed only)


  • 3D BIM Modeling
  • Immersive Design
  • Building Programming
  • Space Planning
  • Interior Design