Whitfield School

Facility Assessment

The primary objective of this facility assessment was to review the facility, note physical or operational deficiencies and develop a lifecycle cost analysis and funding models for use by Whitfield. Average life and costs of repair/replacement were estimated based on the date of the construction or the last documented renovation of the system. The information generated by the life cycle cost, and modified by the site assessment, was used to calculate the repair/replacement cost of the particular system.

The teams’ research included a review of the existing drawings, meetings with the maintenance staff, and a review of previous renovations. The assessment team then conducted site visits to verify data already gathered as well as to record additional information found during the site observations. Based on the visual observations and discussions with facility occupants and maintenance staff, the assessors determined what “deficiencies” existed and the general conditions of the key systems. A written description of the facility, including an overview of the facility’s construction and general conditions, was then developed along with a detailed Excel spreadsheet identifying each component building, replacement value, replacement year, life expectancy and estimated time-lines for renewal or replacement.