• 3D Modeling, Computer Animation and Renderings

    M+H Architects utilizes Revit to create 3D models of the building, site and other areas of the project to clearly communicate the design intent, explain concepts and discuss the building in detail. This allows the client to see the building in a way that isn’t available with 2D drawings. Many times we develop the model and include topography to get a realistic feel of the land, how the building integrates with the site, along with circulation, storm water detention, visibility and context. This approach is helpful because it reviews the design from an aerial viewpoint. We can take the result of the 3D model and create finished renderings for marketing, presentation and fundraising purposes.  Check out our Vimeo Site to see our latest animations!

  • BIM Services

    M+H can provide BIM (Building Information Modeling) services for integration and review of all the design aspects of the building. The BIM model can show the building structure along with the mechanical system, ceiling system, walls, lighting and other systems to be utilized for collision and conflict detection prior to construction. The BIM model helps reduce change orders and RFI’s from the field, which helps speed construction and ultimately saves time and money. Post-construction, the BIM model may benefit the Owner in ongoing Facilities Management operations.

  • Budget and Costing Assistance

    The M+H Team has developed comprehensive spreadsheets that assist in the analysis of not only the construction portions of the projects (hard costs) but also assist in the evaluation of developmental costs (soft costs) to arrive at a total project cost. The estimates become more detailed as the design documents develop. The final estimate may utilize the construction industry to verify the scope of work for the building and the site improvements along with a “build-ability” review. This enables the owner and the entire team to make valuable decisions about the material, scope, or other factors that ultimately affect the direction and cost of a project.

  • Building Code/Zoning Ordinance Analysis

    M+H performs evaluations of new and existing buildings to determine whether or not the buildings meet current or revised zoning ordinances and comply with building code requirements. We look at site plan options to maximize land usage and site plans to assist property developers to obtain the value of their real estate. As building codes change we can assist our clients by looking at the existing building and verify compliance with the current building code in effect. Often when building expansions are contemplated, the building codes play a significant role in understanding the options available. New buildings are also evaluated to make sure the approach to the building provides the most efficient utilization of life safety systems and fire resistance components. We maintain good relations with public agencies and are considered experts in dealing with some of the most demanding municipalities in the St. Louis area.

  • Building Programming

    Our programming process can involve a few client individuals or our client’s many committees. We manage the information from all stakeholders in a way that allows them to have their ideas and decisions incorporated into the final design. What is important is gathering the valuable information from the building’s users and stakeholders and evaluating the information and how it can be used to meet the design requirements. Here are a few aspects of our process that contribute to quality programming and design: 1. We analyze the potential for building growth and how growth can be accommodated. 2. We look at site issues such as vehicular and pedestrian access and circulation. 3. We look at visibility to and from the site. 4. We look at site orientation for solar implications, prevailing winds and other aspects that may affect building placement. 5. We look at the surrounding community and neighboring sites for context. 6. We tour other facilities to investigate and debate current trends and ideas. Through analysis and clear communication, a final program is developed representing the Client’s needs and communicated by a Project Summary booklet. Using the program as our road map, we continually draw from and refine it to fulfill the Client’s needs and expectations.

  • Computer-Aided Design/Documentation

    M+H Architects utilizes the latest computer technologies to assist in our design and production capabilities. Our use of the latest editions of Revit, 3ds Max Design, AutoCAD Architecture and Newforma, along with our state-of-the-art computer and plotter hardware, allows our project managers and project architects to improve accuracy and efficiency on projects of all sizes. Newforma is our Project Information Management tool that allows us to provide a more seamless and efficient way to communicate with the owner and the design team.

  • Construction Contract Administration

    The M+H team reviews the contractor’s submittal for conformance with the design and administers the contract for construction. We also visit the site at intervals appropriate to the stage of construction to become generally familiar with the progress and quality of the work, and determine, in general, if the work is proceeding in accordance with the Contract Documents. Our excellent working relationship with the construction community yields a smooth, responsive team approach to addressing and resolving field issues in a manner that maintains quality without sacrificing program or design intent.

  • Construction Documents

    During the construction document phase M+H prepares detailed information on all aspects of the project including drawings and specifications for the purposes of obtaining bids, permits and for the construction of the project.

  • Design Development

    In design development, M+H will develop the schematic design, providing detail for all parts of the facility including all of the exterior and interior components, determining the final scope, relationships, forms, size and appearance of the Project. During the later stages of design development we create a document called the Design Development Project Summary showing each room's layout, furniture, devices, computers, outlets, etc. Our team uses this document to finalize the construction documents. These sketches are fundamental to the completed project. They are an invaluable vehicle for us, used to coordinate the locations of all light fixtures, computer devices, switches, outlets, telephone outlets, casework, etc., and are used to come to consensus with the client and as a model for all of our engineers. This step helps us eliminate potential conflicts and confidently document solutions that fully accommodate program needs and client expectations.

  • Interior Design

    M+H can provide complete interior design services including layout of interior partitions, cabinetry and custom components. We can also provide complete finish material selection services for carpet, tile and wood flooring, wall coverings, paint color selection and other finishes. These selections can be complemented by providing complete services for furniture selection, materials and finishes to complete the interior design portion of the project.

  • LEED/Sustainable Design

    Our staff includes 7 LEED Accredited Professionals and 3 LEED Green Associates with experience in implementing “green” sustainable design and construction practices. We realize that buildings fundamentally impact people’s lives and natural resources through energy consumption. Utilizing the principles of LEED may reduce building construction lifecycle and operational costs, yield enhanced labor productivity and quality, boost sales, attract tenants, and provide superior amenity and comfort for occupants. We have designed buildings utilizing LEED Rating Systems for New Construction, Schools, and Core & Shell.

  • Master Planning

    During Master Planning, M+H Architects works with our clients to develop the site program, needs assessment/prioritization, conceptual site options, phasing integration, and helps maximize opportunities for potential future expansions and/or options. The process is team-engaging, collaborative, energetic and thorough. The completed Master Plan looks forward to the needs and goals essential to maintain the Client’s facilities and promote their goals, while providing the framework for logical, flexible implementation.

  • Project Development Scheduling

    M+H Architects can assist by developing a schedule that encompasses all aspects of a project from initial site analysis through building programming and documentation. This schedule is critical to our clients as it helps in their overall planning and can be valuable if crucial timelines are required and fundraising, marketing, financing and occupancy dates are important to building delivery.

  • Property Condition Assessments

    The Property Condition Assessment is a tool designed to evaluate the present overall physical condition, repair and maintenance issues, recommended replacements, capital expenditures, and opinions of probable costs for corrective action. This process allows us to analyze building renewal versus replacement options to develop funding models and establish a maintenance plan with suggested schedule.

  • Schematic Design

    M+H meets with the Client, consultants and others to collectively develop a comprehensive plan for the proposed facility and develop the initial building concept and layout of the overall design. This process provides details and information to confirm the overall design intent and provide an opportunity for conceptual construction pricing.

  • Site Planning/Analysis

    M+H is valuable in the site selection process by helping our clients quickly evaluate the potential use of real estate prior to purchase or acquisition. This work involves a defined understanding of any proposed facility as well as a thorough analysis of the existing site topography, road access, parking, deliveries/service issues, storm water and utilities, parking, building expansion potential, and the flow of pedestrian circulation. We have developed a process that allows key decisions to be evaluated up front to make sure the client has the information at their disposal during land purchase and lease negotiations.

  • Space Planning

    During this phase of the project we will assist you by developing the program for the interior spaces of the project and review your expansion needs, departmental requirements and layout of the spaces within the building. This is done similar to the programming phase of the work where we review your needs space by space, department by department and how the departments relate to each other and develop the best adjacency concept. This plan will also look at how each department works within itself and how the growth of each department and the use overall will affect the future needs of the building.

  • Zoning Processing Assistance/Entitlement Services

    M+H Architects regularly provides assistance and guidance through municipal zoning processes to initiate a new building or expansion of a current facility. We have experience with many of the local jurisdictions and cities like Creve Coeur have recommended us to outside clients as a firm that understands the process and can expedite the application process and the development of submittal packages.