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Industry Insight: Being a Good Storyteller

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At M+H, we put a lot of energy into storytelling resulting in clear goals. I just got back from a trip to Rome and the Western Mediterranean, where I was able to cross an item off my bucket list.  I paid a visit to Gaudi’s la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.  The visit revived memories of architectural history classes of the past.  I experienced the storytelling that one can only appreciate through a walk in and around the Basilica.  It was truly overwhelming.  Recognition and respect of nature as a driving force in the design process results in a concept so strong that it guides, supports and validates every design decision.  Believe me, nothing is done without purpose and specific intent – by generations of architects and builders that continue Gaudi’s vision.  Attention to proportion, intentional use and placement of color, forms and materials all contribute to an amazing and inspiring experience.

But what’s the takeaway?   If we have a strong, compelling story to tell about how our design responds to our client’s program, needs, goals and culture, the results are easily communicated, clearly understood, rewarding and impressive.  My visit to la Sagrada Familia reinforces that architects must be great storytellers.  Gaudi’s strong, compelling “story” has taken longer to bring to realization than most.  However, with the goal of completion in 2026, I think it’s going back on the bucket list to experience again.

– Mark Hugeback, Founding Principal