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The M+H “Architecture As A Business” Method

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Let’s face it, our Universities do a superb job of teaching architecture students the theoretical aspects of architectural design, but they don’t prepare new graduates to enter the workforce with much practical knowledge which puts the responsibility on employers to provide on-the-job training to Emerging Design Professionals in order to become productive. The traditional approach by architectural firms has been to immerse new graduates in the “practice of architecture” which includes tasks such as organizing a set of drawings, learning to produce logical details, building material research, coordinating with consultants, reviewing shop drawings, etc…  These young professionals go about their work, moving from one project to the next and growing incrementally along the way but never getting meaningful exposure to the “business of architecture”. This approach doesn’t allow young architects to understand how their assigned tasks fit into the bigger picture of project budgets, and ultimately how their firm makes a profit. They certainly don’t have any control over the performance of their projects and seldom even gain any insight after a project is completed.

At M+H Architects, every member of each project team has access to real-time project financial data pertaining specifically to their projects. That data includes hours worked vs. hours budgeted and how each individual’s time spent and hourly rate on every phase of a project compares to its fee and profitability. This information is regularly reviewed as a team in order to react before budgets or schedules get out of control. In addition we share firmwide strategic financial goals, monthly progress toward those goals, and initiatives to maximize corporate success and growth. Our philosophy has proven to prepare young professionals for career success by giving them a holistic picture of professional practice while allowing them to understand how they contribute to it in their current and future roles which in turn promotes more rapid individual growth and advancement. Simply stated, the success of our staff translates to the success of our company.

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