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M+H Architects Announces Expansion of Ownership

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M+H Architects announced earlier this week that they have expanded the company’s ownership.  This expansion is meant to drive their ongoing mission to help clients realize their goals through creative design solutions. M+H Architects will have three new Shareholders/Principals: Mike Deane, Larry Valenza, and Justin Bruce.

As the firm’s first Vice Presidents they will continue to advance the company vision through extended target markets and fostering client relationships.  “We want to continue our collective success and add in a fresh, vibrant attitude,” said Larry Mitchell, Principal and President of M+H Architects.  “We want to create new opportunities for our staff regarding our approach to marketing, design and the execution of architecture. The new Shareholders are all great leaders and influencers with positive attitudes and proven track records. They are willing to challenge the status quo in addition to inspiring a future generation of leaders.”

M+H’s future will uphold its consistent philosophy of a transparent, focused, and responsive company.  “We will have additional and expanded opportunities for relationships and collaboration. These opportunities will build a stronger organization to fuel our momentum for the unfolding future of M+H,” said Mark Hugeback, Principal and Secretary/Treasurer of M+H Architects. “This announcement is just another step in our journey to structure M+H for future growth and continued success.”