Immersive Design

Immersive Design

Immersive Design (or virtual reality) is changing the way architecture is practiced.  

M+H Architects believes this is creating a new way of thinking and communicating about design.  Design is now centered around the use of virtual mock-ups and the ability to augment architectural designs in real-time. We call this new process “Immersive Design.” Immersive Design gives our clients the ability to walk around and completely immerse themselves in the design vision.  They not only see how their building will look, but they can walk around their project and experience their space.  

With this ability, we are able to facilitate and accelerate the decision making process before and during construction.  Every participant in the design and construction process can now speak the same language. As a team, we are able to communicate better and ultimately deliver a higher quality design and finished product.

M+H Architects is currently working with the renowned international Virtual Reality company Inreal Technologies to further the development of their software while improving how it pairs with our existing software and workflows.

Check out these video to see how we are using immersive design and what our clients are saying!