Zach Wester Passes Final Exam to Become the Next Licensed Architect at M+H

Zach Wester becomes a Licensed Architect

This has been a big year for our employees reaching their goal of becoming a licensed architect and Zach Wester is the next to cross it off his list.  This year Zach Wester becomes a Licensed Architect after he was notified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) that he passed his final Architect Registration Exams (ARE).

“Growing up I spent a lot of time drawing and building, but I particularly enjoyed drawing structures from photographs” Wester said.  “I remember hearing stories of my grandfather building his own home, along with several others, in the 1940s and I was always really inspired by it.”

“Zach is one of those employees that you know will not only get the job done, but will go the extra mile to ensure the client is happy” said Larry Mitchell, Principal of M+H Architects. “His creativity, work ethic, positive attitude, and determination make him a valuable asset on any project.”

Zach said the structural portion was absolutely the most challenging.  “The principles make a lot of sense, however the math required for it has always felt like a foreign language to me.”

When he received notification that he passed his last exam he sent a quick text message to his parents and got right back to work.

He was presented with an embroidered pull over to commemorate the occasion as well as the inter-office traveling T-square trophy to which he added his name.  He’ll get to keep the trophy until the next employee receives their registration!  Congrats Zach!