Welcome to Our Updated Website

Welcome to the newly updated and refreshed M+H Website. Aaahh, now isn’t that better? We’ve endeavored to make the site interesting, informative and just plain fun.  In the process of developing the site, we’ve even learned new aspects, interests and some history about each other; some of which is fascinating and some which is just plain weird. Find out how we were influenced to become architects. Some by grandfathers, go-carts, towering infernos and yes, even Mike Brady!  Some of us have distant connections with Presidents and explorers, an architectural student turned comedian (Weird Al Yankovic) and how some of us even have aspirations to be Batman. Okay, enough hype. Please check out our site and browse our news and blogs to see our latest projects and to better understand our culture, insights and interests.  We wish to help you visualize how our creative approach, technology and high level of service can achieve your goals on your next project.

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