VR Update

Virtual Reality Update

Since our purchase of the development model of the oculus rift (version dk2) back in June, M+H is excited about the prospects of where the technology is taking us.  We have successfully used the virtual reality software to convey designs to current clients while also leveraging it to create new relationships.

After much research and trial and error we now are able to take this technology on the road to share with project stakeholders out of town. This again has opened up new opportunities for our firm to showcase how we are on the cutting edge in the industry.

Just last week we took the technology on the road to the River City Business Park groundbreaking.  We were not only able to show the 40 people in attendance a virtual model of the new building but we could let them experience it firsthand.

Besides the strides we have made in streamlining our process to share our work virtually, we have greatly increased the realism and functionality of these virtual models. Our models now boast realistic reflections, landscaping, and materials that match the realism we could only achieve while rendering still images. We are also becoming increasingly skillful at adding dynamic functionally such as being able to cycle thru different material options to different layout options on the fly while in the same virtual model. If you haven’t experienced how we are utilizing this technology give us a call, we would be happy to let you experience it firsthand.  Be sure to check out this video to see what some of our clients are saying about the technology.