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Vianney Alumni Interview

At the end of the year last year M+H was honored to host the Architectural Drawing class from Vianney High School for their final design projects. Earlier in the year we challenged the students with an opportunity to show their skills by designing a real project that M+H was awarded.  We provided input and interim reviews with the entire class during the process and offered feedback for their presentations.

With the overwhelming success of last year’s presentations Vianney has, again, given M+H the opportunity to work with the spring semester’s Architectural Drawing class on their final design project. The students, working in teams of 3, have already been presented with their design project for this year and are off to the races creating their own designs.

Zach Wester, a Vianney alum said, “We were especially impressed with the vision and creativity presented last year, and we are eager to see what this class is able to produce.  I’m encouraged to see the natural design talent that many of these students have exhibited and we can’t wait to see their designs.”

Wester and Larry Valenza sat down with Rob Staggenborg from Vianney to share some of their experiences as students of Vianney and the impact that the Architectural Drawing class had on their decisions to pursue architecture professionally.   Check out the video below!