Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Does anyone really know where the ugly Christmas sweater originated?  What classifies an ugly Christmas sweater anyways?  The official definition should be any Christmas themed sweater that is tacky, gaudy, and/or obnoxious.  However, the tackiness is all in the eye of the beholder, but most people say the more flair, tinsel, and holiday decorations that are attached the better.   Keep in mind that these sweaters that are now worn as a joke, were actually once designed to be attractive holiday sweaters . . . just ask Bill Cosby.

We decided to host our own Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition in the office.  We had quite the turnout of plaid pants, turtlenecks, and various items sewn/velcroed right on to sweaters.  The competition was fierce and after a petition from each participant a winner and runner-up were named.  Bret Fendelman won with 10 votes followed closely by Matt Bauer with 9.

We all embraced the random looks from other tenants in the building, appreciated each other’s creativity, and shared a lot of laughs over an amazing pot luck lunch.

Happy holidays from the 2013 M+H Ugly Christmas Sweater participants!