‘Tis the Season for Learning New Things


We like to challenge ourselves with unique activities for our company outings, this year we celebrated the holidays by learning the art of curling with the St. Louis Curling Club! After a wonderful meal and our annual white elephant gift exchange we all took to the ice.

Every four years we all see curling on TV during the winter Olympics and think to ourselves ‘that doesn’t look too hard, or I could easily do that!’  Well let me give you the honest truth, as with most sports it is a whole lot harder than it looks!  Luckily for us, the Curling Club brought rubber grippers for us all to put on our shoes so we didn’t slip and slide quite as much.

We began with small group lessons on the history of curling, how to keep score, how to sweep, and of course how to slide the stones. This is where we learned the finer points of getting the stones to curl, the importance of the sweepers, and how truly challenging this sport is.  You aren’t just flinging a 40-pound stone down the ice, everything you do is calculated, every slight movement is strategic, not to mention it is really hard to get the stone all the way down the ice while keeping it in play.  Keep in mind you are doing all of this one a sheet of ice!

It reminded us a bit of architecture and the process we go through to design facilities.  There is a lot of thought put into each design, every element is thoughtfully calculated and each detail is strategic and will affect the project down the road.  Architecture, like curling, is a lot harder than it looks.

All in all, we weren’t the most graceful on the ice and we all might have been a little sore the next day but we all had a blast!  Luckily, we are a lot better at architecture than curling.