Rick Hansen, RA, LEED AP

Rick Hansen, RA, LEED AP
"Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be an architect. In grade school I was drawing skyscrapers, plans for airports, train terminals, and model train layouts. But what really got me hooked was watching homes being built one summer in our subdivision when I was ten. It was amazing to watch how fast they were being built and I was puzzled about how the carpenters knew what to do. Fast forward 40+ years, I am still living my dream."

Rick Hansen, RA, LEED AP

Project Manager

Random fact about me:
I am a grandpa. Never thought I would be this old, but time just sneaks up on you and you are there

Favorite Movie:
Forrest Gump – I believe in destiny and that everything works out and happens for a reason

Best advice:
Enjoy your family and friends. We are all only here for a short period of time