Mike Deane, RA, LEED AP

Mike Deane, RA, LEED AP
"If you have kids at home, and have ever heard them say ‘I’m bored!’ it makes you think back and wonder if you said the same thing. When you apply yourself to the architectural profession, you don’t have to worry about that phrase being in your vocabulary. You can be in a Board Room on one day, and at a muddy job site the next. When you’re trying to keep everyone happy, stay on time and on budget, lead your team, and be creative and practical at the same time, who has time to be bored? Did I mention that I have kids, or that I am an architect?"

Mike Deane, RA, LEED AP


Random fact about me:
I have four beautiful daughters.

If I won the lottery:
It would surprise me more than you, since I don’t play the lottery.

Hiking with my family.

All time dream:
Visit all of the National Parks in America.