Larry Valenza, RA, LEED AP

Larry Valenza, RA, LEED AP
"A career in architecture was a natural for me. I grew up around construction and was raised to have great respect and admiration for excellent craftsmanship. In high school I was taught by men of faith, who demanded individual effort in the classroom as well as teamwork and sacrifice on the athletic field. So many of those lessons and values translate to this profession that I can’t really imagine doing anything else to earn a living and make a contribution to society."

Larry Valenza, RA, LEED AP


Best holiday/vacation destination ever:
A remote lake in Canada (with no cell phone or email service) fishing for walleye

Thing that really baffles me:
Why are there flotation devices under airplane seats instead of parachutes?

All time dream:
I have an awesome family and great friends, so I’m already living it