Larry Mitchell, RA

Larry Mitchell, RA
"In the late 1980's, I had a strong desire to practice architecture in a very client oriented and relationship based approach. I wanted the approach to be collaborative with another architect and delivered with a “nice guy” methodology. When Mark and I created our firm, it could have jokingly been called “Two Nice Guys Pizza”, but we didn’t know how to make pizza, so we continued the architecture thing."

Larry Mitchell, RA


If I won the lottery:
I’d give it all away…..wait…..that’s not true.

Best holiday/vacation destination ever:
Anywhere in or like the Virgin Islands – sand- sun – sea and cocktails!

What inspired me to be an architect:
My parents owned a boat store when I was young. They rented space to an architect who drove a Corvette and used the space for go-cart sales and preparing racing go-carts. Thinking back, that was too good to be true (he must have been a terrible architect!)