Social Media Milestones

We are on the verge of two social media milestones!  Not only are we one follower away from 100 on LinkedIn but we are also about to post our 100th tweet.  So how have we utilized social media and how do we plan on celebrating these milestones you ask?  Great questions!

Engaging our clients and partners with social media allows us to create quick and easy two way conversations.  In turn our audience learns more about us while we learn more about our audience.  It allows us to stay in front of our clients and partners while generating brand recognition and word of mouth recommendations all of which in theory drive more traffic to our website.

Last month 66% of our website traffic came directly from Twitter posts and about 15% came from LinkedIn.  So what do these statistics mean?  It means our message is getting out and the more we leverage these tools the more followers we will gain and thus a larger audience is formed.

We utilize social media as an extension of our marketing efforts and as a way to stay in touch with the industry and community. Currently we are a part of three networks; twitter, linkedin, and vimeo.  We use them all to promote our blog posts, recognize clients on the milestones of their projects, showcase our latest animations, create a community of like-minded companies/individuals  and of course to release fun tidbits about our company and employees (have you checked out our #jobsiteselfie campaign?).

To celebrate these milestones we are going to give away some fantastic M+H gear! There are two opportunities to win: anyone who retweets this post by August 13th (which happens to be our 25th anniversary) will be entered into a random drawing.   Once we reach 100 followers on LinkedIn every follower will be entered into a separate drawing for a chance to win!

Be sure to follow us and join the conversation!  Twitter: @M_H_Architects LinkedIn: M+H Architects Vimeo: M+H Architects