Sean Naeger Is Our Third Employee to Become Licensed Architect This Year

Sean Is Our Third Employee to Become a Licensed Architect This Year

Sean is our third employee to become a Licensed Architect this year.  He received the email he has been waiting years for.  In September he was notified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) that he passed his final Architect Registration Exams (ARE) making him a licensed architect.  He becomes M+H’s eleventh licensed architect! 

“My parents always told me to pursue a career in something that I loved and that made me happy,” Naeger said.  “The two things that make me the happiest are drawing and building, so architecture was a natural direction for me.”

“Sean has with M+H for 11 years and it has been incredible to watch him flourish as an architect,” said Larry Mitchell, Principal of M+H Architects. “The amount of effort, detail, and pride he puts into every project is astounding. ”

Sean said the hardest portion of the exam was the mathematics associated with the structural section.  “I’ve always understood the concepts behind structural theory, it was using the algebraic equations to prove the theory that I had to be diligent about.”

When asked what advice he would give his younger self about architecture Sean said with a chuckle, “Grow a thick skin.”  As a person who takes an immense amount of pride in the work he does he admits that it can be difficult to open himself up to criticism.

When he received notification that he passed his last exam he immediately called his dad.  “He has always inspired me to follow my dreams.  I couldn’t dial his number fast enough!”

Sean was presented with an embroidered pull over to commemorate the occasion as well as the inter-office traveling T-square trophy to which he added his name.  He’ll get to keep the trophy until the next employee receives their registration!  Congrats Sean!