Rosati-Kain High School Anticipates Construction Start

Excitement is building; construction is coming & Rosati-Kain is ready!

The new three-story school addition, convent demolition & renovation to the existing building are currently out to bid with a construction scheduled to start summer 2014.This project will remove the 1960’s residential construction convent and build a three-story, 12,000 sq.ft. addition to the existing 1920’s building that complements the original architecture and provides the following features:

  • A new learning commons area
  • A new expanded chemistry lab and research area
  • An accessible Newstead Avenue entrance
  • An elevator that serves the original building as well as the new facility
  • A code compliant enclosed stairwell
  • Expanded courtyard commons
  • Technology for communication, safety, and education upgrades throughout the entire campus.

The renovation to the existing 1920s building will deliver the following updates:

  • Technology rich creative digital lab
  • Expanded physics lab and research area
  • Guidance suite
  • Larger religion classrooms
  • Cohesive administrative office space
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