Over the next couple of weeks we want to elaborate on the adjectives we have chosen to define how we do business.  RESPONSIVE, CREATIVE, COLLABORATIVE; these characteristics are at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. Our focus this week is our responsiveness.

Responsiveness has been a cornerstone of our business since we formed in 1989. Being responsive is essential to promoting, developing and supporting any business. Being easily accessible (by phone, email, text, etc.) makes doing business easier, faster and more enjoyable. Everyone is busy and appreciates quick responses, but the quality and accuracy of the response is just as important as the speed of the response.

Very early in our history, we developed relationships with national developers/builders. Their business model included build-to-suits for national corporations.  In order for the developers/builders to be successful, they needed to quickly understand the requirements in their client’s RFP and translate that into selecting the best piece of land available where their client wanted to build. We formulated a quick response approach to evaluate their client’s program, assess land requirements, look at potential layouts/development opportunities, and suggest architectural site and building designs within a matter of hours. This allowed our clients to select the best real estate and tie it up before their competition, giving them a distinct competitive advantage.

This responsive philosophy is also utilized for the design and construction portions of architecture. We are very responsive to our client’s design needs, providing quick concepts and options for their project.This approach translates from site planning, to design, to construction drawings to construction administration. When a project is in construction, the last thing a contractor needs is lack of response from their architect. We are very responsive to field questions and drawing clarifications. The saying time is money is an understatement when you have contractors on-site.

Mr. Mike Pavlakes, the Chief Building Official for the City of Lake Saint Louis had this to say about our response time, “Thanks for the thoroughness of your response.  I wish every design professional with which we work was as responsive and cooperative as you and your design team.”

However, it goes beyond returning calls and responding to emails. It encompasses an awareness of what the client really means (but isn’t saying). It means being prepared and doing your homework. And above all it means being proactive. We take a proactive approach to gathering input from team members and decision makers, along with getting early approvals from local jurisdictions.

Clients who have benefited from our approachable, responsive attitude found that the person, the project and the question were all treated with the same importance, and everyone’s time was respected.  We pride ourselves on reviews like the following, “Andy and his team were always easily accessible, responded to questions and clarified issues in a timely manner,” said Dr. Matt Wever, Ed. D of the Jewish Community Center of St. Louis.  “M+H Architects was great to work with.  I found them to be responsive, and creative problem solvers,” said Mr. Derek Koestel, P.E., Director of Public Works for the City of Lake Saint Louis.

With today’s busy schedules, just getting through the daily email can become time consuming. That’s when working with someone who provides timely and accurate responses really gets noticed!