Wentzville School District

M+H Architects has completed multiple projects in the Wentzville R-IV School District as outlined below.

Central Administration Building – Addition & Renovation, Wentzville, MO

Wentzville R-IV School District needed to expand their Central Administration to include a larger Board Room, increased and updated Administrative Staff Offices, and an improved Lobby and Reception area. The solution was an addition to the south with new a Office for the Superintendent and Administrative Assistant, new Board Room, Reception and Lobby that can also serve as overflow space for large Board Room meetings.
The exterior was also improved with oversized brick veneer and a glass and aluminum entry element to define the public entry. As you enter the Lobby, the Board Room is immediately apparent with the Ante Room/Lobby adjacent to the entry. There is a two-person Reception Area along with work kiosks for employment applications. The new building flows seamlessly with the previously existing building and provides an understated, yet improved, building entry.

South Campus Master Plan, Wentzville, MO

Wentzville R-IV School District was in need of another campus to the south to serve the rapidly expanding population. A new middle and high school were planned for the site of an existing elementary school.
The District purchased farmland to the east and north, totaling 100 acres. Site grades varied up to 60 feet in vertical height. Tree groves, ponds, natural drainage ways and limited access were all obstacles to growth and development. Committees were formed to analyze the District’s needs and they toured other campuses. A final program and the latest ideas in school design emerged.
Separate locations for the middle and high schools were desired and developed to function completely independent of each other. Separation of students and traffic was of primary importance. Zones for fields, buildings and traffic were created. Each campus has a minimum of two ways off the site, to eliminate bottlenecks. Enlarged turning radii, parking expansion, and a central point for buses, cars and drop-off are all key features.

Green Tree Elementary School – New School, Wentzville, MO

This building is located within the City of Lake Saint Louis and serves the elementary school needs for the area. The building is a winged design with classes on the two wings. One wing is for the younger students with a separate pick-up and drop-off for kindergarten students. The other wing is for the older elementary students.
The site is organized with the bus transportation separated from the automobile area so students being dropped off via buses will not be in conflict with students being dropped off by automobiles. Likewise, the student recreation areas are separated from the vehicular traffic so students leaving the building for outside play can do so without crossing vehicle paths.
Within the building are common areas including administration, gymnasium, cafeteria and a nurse’s suite. Central to the core of the building are exploratory spaces including art, library, music, computer rooms and special education spaces.
The exterior of the building is a combination of brick and concrete masonry units with a large welcoming entry canopy.

Wentzville South Middle School – New School, Wentzville, MO

Wentzville South Middle School is a product of joint collaboration between M+H staff and many committees, truly a community design that met their specific needs.  This building  became the prototype of future middle schools for the District.  Finishes are clean, durable and simple.  The building’s cross-shape allowed each grade or community to radiate from a central core of exploratory classrooms. Exploratory classes include science and biology labs, language and computer lab spaces. Length of travel time and visibility of the entire school from one point were also primary considerations of this shape.  The entire classroom section can be locked down allowing undisturbed access to the gym and cafeteria/multi-purpose room after hours.

Timberland High School – New School, Wentzville, MO

Using an educational design committee comprised of administrators, teachers, staff, students and parents, a winged approach was created with two classroom wings and one main student “street”. All areas of the building are logically arranged within the simplified circulation spine, allowing for easy understanding upon entering the building. The building is structured for a community concept with team teaching areas per grade, per wing and level. The public spaces are accessed off the main “street” and can be secured from the classroom areas for after hour activities. The winged design also allows for multi-disciplinary teaching and easy, centralized supervision almost entirely from one point. The Student Commons becomes the entry focal point with an overview from the second floor balcony and media center.
High quality science and biology labs are provided as part of the core curriculum. The labs are designed to flank a shared lab preparation area and help facilitate team teaching.
The organization of spaces is logical with curriculum clustered by grade, allowing a team teaching environment due to the non-departmental approach. Spaces are modular so that a pair of “typical” classrooms can be easily converted to become a larger space or larger spaces can easily be subdivided into “typical” classrooms.

Central Stores Building, Lake Saint Louis, MO

M+H designed this approximately 10,000 SF pre-engineered metal maintenance and storage facility for the Wentzville School District. The building includes a receiving area, warehouse and maintenance office.




Clearly outstanding was the attitude of cooperation and the willingness to work with our faculty, staff and Board of Education to ensure that the educational specifications for the design of new and renovation facilities in the Wentzville R-IV School District would be accomplished in an expert manner.

-Dr. Ronald Berrey, Former Superintendent, Wentzville R-IV School District