VSM Abrasives

One of our client’s key goals for this project was to create an architectural design that stood as an example of this company’s humble 150-year history – only with a slight twist.
From their humble beginnings and hard-working people, the company is experiencing growth like never before. By doubling their office space (200%) with flexibility at the heart of the design, both interior & exterior spaces are easily adaptable for multiple uses. Whether it be for an all-employee meeting, or a 1-on-1 collaboration scrum, the spaces are intentionally adaptable and designed with the future in mind.

With their Global Headquarters, along with all the stakeholders, located in Germany technology was a critical component in clearly communicating the design and construction processes. The use of several different technologies were used to effectively hold live walk-thru meetings which took the stakeholders through the front door and into the building, giving them the full immersive experience before construction ever began. This process also empowered the client to make timely and confident decisions throughout design, whether it was the physical size of a space, or a finish material being utilized.