Tyson Companies – TRG II – New Refrigerated Storage Building

This facility is a 3-zone refrigerated warehouse operated by the Tyson Trucking Company in Manteno, IL, about 45 minutes south of Chicago. The 3-zones have different temperatures for storage of various goods. The first zone is an ambient temperature zone where products such as dog food are stored. The second zone is a conditioned space, down to 70 degrees, where products such as candy are stored and the third zone is the freezer portion of the building where frozen goods are stored.

The building also houses a 2-story, 11,000 SF office facility with direct access to the conditioned and freezer zones of the warehouse.

This is a very efficient building that well suits our needs. We are also pleased with the overall design and appearance of the building. The site layout offers us great flexibility when we choose to expand.

-Mr. Tim Tyson, The Tyson Companies