Southern Boone County R-1 School District

Master Planning and Design

The SBC R-1 School District Middle School Campus is typical of many school districts than have been utilizing a site for approximately 100 years. Through the years, entire buildings and expansions have been added with the immediate needs addressed and less emphasis on the long range goals and future flexibility of the site. M+H and PWA were selected for the task of converting an aging campus that included elementary and middle school students into a new and dynamic middle school campus that has a new identity that reflects and respects the character of the original historic building on the site. Central Administration offices and the existing athletic complex will also be located on the campus.

The joint master planning (2007) of the elementary campus and construction of the 3-5 grades building were intended to allow for the reconfiguration of the Middle School campus. The existing shared gym/cafeteria will be razed along with a portion of the existing elementary building. The improvements include approximately 73,000 SF of renovations and 59,000 SF of new construction, which when incorporated into the existing Middle School building will meet the current needs and anticipated growth in the future.

“Green” concepts are incorporated into several areas of the building, including a ground source heat pump system, the use of regional materials on the exterior, and high recycled content materials in the interior. The building is situated on its site to allow for future expansion.