Colo Provider – Data Center

This project, located in Santa Clara, CA, consisted of the completion of an interior tenant fit-out within an existing, 2-story, 160,200 SF building and an adjoining 21,646 SF Electrical Room.  The majority of the TI Work was comprised of major mechanical, electrical and fire protection components to allow the building to function as a Data Center.

Some interesting statistics regarding this unique building include:

22% of the electrical bill is attributed to HVAC costs. Normally, this number is about 30%, but due to controls and other design innovations this reduced number yields approximately $260,000 in annual operating expense savings.

24 Hitec Rotary Emergency Power Units were used. Only 76 of these generators are in service in North America. This is the largest quantity on one site in the world.

The first milestone was complete 15 days ahead of schedule and the final milestone was completed 25 days ahead of schedule. With Internet Ad revenue at $2,000,000 per hour in US Dollars, uptime is everything.