Reliance Bank – The Grove

Reliance Bank has renovated an existing three story building at the northwest corner of Manchester Road and Tower Grove Avenue. Site improvements include additional parking, a new drive-up ATM under a canopy, a walk-up ATM and depository, improved site lighting and signage as well as new landscaping.

Masonry restoration includes tuckpointing and replacement of stone window sills. New windows, awnings and shutters were installed. New membrane roofing was installed along with new synthetic slate shingles at the mansard roof.

The new bank branch occupies the first floor and includes space for tellers, personal bankers, employee work areas, restrooms, and safe deposit boxes. The second floor was converted to large meeting space. Both floors received new partitions, fixtures, doors, finishes, lighting, HVAC, plumbing fixtures and alarm systems. The upper floor is accessible through an attic hatch to create an insulated area that will serve as storage/attic space.

This historic building has been standing at this intersection since 1892. These renovations will ensure that it remains an anchor to the gentrified neighborhood for many years to come. ┬áThis project was recently named one of Landmark Association’s 2015 Most Enhanced Projects.