Plaza Frontenac Outlots – New Buildings & Related Sitework

This project involves two buildings located on the north end of Plaza Frontenac, one of which is approximately 4,000 SF and was recently completed and occupied, and a future building of 8,000 SF.

The 4,000 SF outlot building is a restaurant with an outdoor dining patio for Panera Bread and was constructed with a masonry veneer over steel studs. This building was finished to a “grey box” level for completion by Panera.

One of the design team’s challenges was to accommodate the new buildings without reshaping the site, while making detention provisions and improving the quality of water run-off. Both a rain garden (designed as a landscape feature between the outdoor patios) and an underground detention vault were incorporated into a compact site area. Public pedestrian amenities included new site crosswalks, sidewalks connecting to public ways through an existing grove of trees and ornamental site lighting.