Pattonville High School – Athletics Facilities

  • Site Plan

Pattonville Senior High School Athletic Facilities Master Planning project involved campus master planning and programming of the stadium and outdoor athletic field upgrades along with a new natatorium building. The project took advantage of potential new construction projects, such as a new natatorium and stadium renovation, to accomplish many goals, primarily:

  1. Improve pedestrian and vehicular circulation on campus
  2. Reinforce the Pattonville High School campus and District identity
  3. Anticipate future improvements to all campus outdoor athletic fieldsĀ and complex

The Master Plan project and process concluded with conceptual design of the natatorium, football stadium improvements, outdoor athletic complex identification and impact to the campus image and identity. M+H developed images of these design concepts which were instrumental in communication with the community and fund raising for the future construction projects.

M+H teamed with Counsilman-Hunsaker on the natatorium portion of this project.