Mixed Use Master Plan

Suburban St. Louis Proposed Development

M+H was selected to Master Plan a mixed use development for a 150 acre, primarily undeveloped property in suburban St. Louis, Missouri. Retail, office, restaurant, entertainment and single and multi-family residential spaces were to be incorporated with existing municipal, religious and educational facilities.

Through extensive site analysis, M+H became intimately familiar with the current site characteristics such as topography, vegetation, wildlife, lakes, ponds, streams, man-made structures, vistas and views, as well as pedestrian and vehicular circulation and connections on and off site. Multiple design solutions were produced to communicate this information to the various interest groups including the owner, neighbors and governing authorities.

Site concepts were designed to achieve the owner’s development objectives and space requirements based on assimilation of this analysis and owner sensitivities to the natural environment and site features.

Taking the planning task one step farther, M+H suggested an architectural language intended to provide an overall identity for the project. Important architectural elements of the site concept were detailed. Images of these selected design components were provided to communicate the identity and the realization of the opportunity.