Missouri Military Academy – Stribling Hall

Facility Assessment

The building assessment for Stribling Hall provided Missouri Military Academy with an objective evaluation of the physical condition of the building, which was over 100 years old. The data from the report was then utilized by Missouri Military Academy to make short and long term decisions for addressing the physical deficiencies of Stribling Hall.

The building, if constructed in the same manner today, would not have complied with current building and fire codes, or for life safety and handicap accessibility standards. Physical condition deficiencies were observed, some of which were of a severe nature, mostly due to the age of the building. Portions of the building observed represented a large risk for a sudden failure due to the inherent brittleness of unreinforced masonry and the deteriorated condition of the mortar. Some items had a short term ability to resist low level wind forces and no ability for any seismic resistance.

A longer term decision had to be made by Missouri Military Academy relating to how much of an investment should be made to repair the deficiencies observed along with maintaining or replacing the other building components within the building. The anticipated cost associated with addressing these deficiencies in comparison to an opinion of cost for new construction was part of the report provided to MMA for evaluation.