Missouri Military Academy – New Academic Building

Barnard Hall – New Academic Building

The second MMA project completed is the new Barnard Hall, the primary and prominent academic facility for the campus.  It’s located on the main campus square and flanks the center domed building, Stribling Hall, in a respectful, supportive manner.  Barnard Hall consists of 43,350 square feet of core academics, impressive student commons and library spaces along with exploratory and elective classrooms.  The building also features 2 wet Biology Lab classrooms along with a wet Chemistry Lab classroom with supportive lab preparation room.  With the recent addition of the new academic building, Barnard Hall, along with its rigorous academic curriculum and structured environment, the Academy has raised its academic standards even further.

Bernard Hall was envisioned to achieve LEED Silver Certification, but with careful application of credits, and a keen eye toward energy and resource efficiencies, Bernard Hall actually received LEED Gold Certification without expending additional efforts or funds.