First Christian Church of Washington

Master Plan, New Church

This new, freestanding church features a new worship center with state of the art audio/video systems, youth worship areas, educational wing with classroom spaces for all ages, nursery, fellowship/gathering spaces, and administrative office area.

The Church Sanctuary is a large open space with exposed roof structure and duct work which were painted black to “disappear.” Suspended ceiling “clouds” above the seating area ascend toward the platform to help conceal the structure above, and function acoustically to minimize reverberation. The walls were also carefully configured for acoustical performance and painted brightly to add interest. Site lines were studied to ensure unobstructed views to the stage and raised baptistery.

A Youth Worship area was given a playful, industrial feel using durable materials which also stand up well to the abuse of teenagers, without the need for continual maintenance.

A large fellowship area is converted to adult classrooms on Sunday mornings through the use of operable partitions. The entrance to this area is adjacent to the Narthex and houses a coffee bar visible through a large borrowlite which invites the congregation to relax and visit before going home.