Fenton Logistics Park – Office, Flex, Warehouse, Light Manufacturing Buildings

It’s always exciting to watch as something like this takes off. The first step to revitalizing the park was the introduction of a new speculative tilt-up warehouse. The initial development of this building was very important and we spent time with the developer to design a building that set a precedent for the high standards of the park.
Once that building went up, interest in the park was ignited, creating a never-ending peak of interested tenants. Building I has since been completed, with Alkem Industries taking a portion of the building to expand their current footprint in the St. Louis area.

Buildings II & III started as spec buildings and now are filling up with tenants. Beckwood Press and Corelink Surgical are two manufacturing companies that moved to both expand their companies and give their employees a new office and production area.

Building IV is a build-to-suit project for Hubbell Electric, where they will take the entire building for their office, factory, and warehouse needs. The new facility allowed them to consolidate the different sectors and maximize efficiency.  These buildings and the companies using them are demonstrating that the community is ready for change and the of bringing new life and growth.

Bldg. I Shell       158,600 SF               2017           Alkem & Skin Specialty Solutions
Bldg. 2 Shell      158,400 SF               2018           Beckwood Press &  Corelink Surgical
Bldg. 3 Shell      168,000 SF               2018           BASF & Nexius
Bldg. 4 Shell      157,500 SF               2018           Hubbell/Killark
Bldg. 5 Shell      250,000 SF               2018           1st Phorm
Bldg. 7 Shell      192,000 SF               In Design