Fenton Logistics Park – Master Planned Business Park

Redevelopment of the former Chrysler Plant in Fenton, Missouri is a milestone in an area that saw the rise and fall of a giant that shaped the county in unimaginable ways. Though the 295 acre site was a scar to the community in the years after it’s closure, it is slowly being revitalized through the efforts of representatives of US Capital Development and Stock and Associates working with us to create a new development that meets the needs of all in the area. The new Master Plan empowers the site to bring back a portion of the industrial use of the park and also utilizes commercial buildings and multi-story office buildings to revitalize the workforce in the area. Site plan options that explore various configurations of road infrastructure, site sizes, storm water drainage/conveyance, and utilities, etc. were reviewed and prepared. The new options accommodate multi-story office, flex, warehouse and light manufacturing users. A zone along the I-44 frontage is designated for office use, anticipating 3-story, 120,000 SF buildings parked at 6-7 cars/1,000 SF in addition to flex, warehouse and light manufacturing users.
Included in the planning are design criteria for restrictive covenants, tenant signage, park entrance / gateway design and way-finding signage, landscape design and park logo/branding.
The north portion of the site includes a variety of options for any size tenant. These industrial buildings start at 150,000 SF single-sided dock buildings, all the way up to 500,000 SF cross-docked buildings designed to accommodate some of the largest tenants in the area. Construction is complete and/or underway on industrial buildings in the park, to be utilized by both new and established companies in the area.