De Smet Jesuit High School – Innovation Center

De Smet’s existing library was transformed into an innovative workplace where students can collaboratively study, write, and critically think. Grasping the 21st Century Classroom movement and thinking beyond the prototypical restraints of outdated school designs, the Innovation Center empowers students to engage the world and build on their creative ideas in ways that were previously not possible. With over 6,000 SF, this new center houses a central open Arena, various breakout hubs for gathering, a Virtual Reality Lab, perimeter glass office spaces, and a global learning classroom to connect with schools and businesses worldwide. De Smet Jesuit also offers their students support to create startup businesses that generate revenue and develop real life experiences. Writeable walls and the integration of flexible furniture and technology systems were critical to providing a space for the unknown horizons of the future, setting the tone and standard for schools worldwide.