D M Management – Multi-Functional Corporate Center

This facility is a high tech, multi-function facility for DM Management, the corporate structure for a women’s clothing mail order service.  The building houses the offices within a two story vaulted and sky-lit structure that is attached to the operations and distribution center by a two story link.  This link encloses a multi-purpose dining area that overlooks a landscaped patio.  Above the dining area is a fitness center that has views of the New Hampshire site through skylight dormers.

The building is also equipped with its own call center to receive incoming orders.  The call center is central to the facility and allows immediate handling of the orders directly to the distribution center.  The distribution center handles the order via a sophisticated material handling system that speeds the delivery of the selection to the customer.  The shipping and receiving area is immediately adjacent to and within the 450,000 square foot distribution center.  The building is constructed of tilt-up concrete with a standing seam metal roof over the office and dining link.