Crawford Electric Cooperative

Facility Assessment, Master Plan

Crawford Electric consists of five different buildings on 60 acres, ranging from 60 to 10 years old. In many cases the buildings do not meet the needs for the size of current equipment or support current technologies. Multiple additions over time have reduced productivity and functionality between the various departments, increased the need for corridor space and caused rooms to not be used as intended. A county road divides the office building from the operations warehouse and vehicle storage buildings, causing congestion, interference with vehicle circulation, and crew and staff spending more time coordinating work and performing their duties.

M+H Architects worked with Crawford Electric Cooperative to identify facility goals and priorities and provide a comprehensive plan to achieve those goals. We assessed the physical conditions of their buildings, the functionality of staff, and the space needs of their entire operation. A comprehensive plan was then developed which included vacating the existing county road, designing an operations facility with operation offices and critical functions spaces along with vehicle storage and warehousing attached to the building. The plan expands the operations offices with the office administration functions and customer service functions while providing enhanced security and safety, handicap accessibility, and increased functionality along with improved energy efficiency.