Cor Jesu Academy

Convent Building Assessment

When the new Master Plan at Cor Jesu Academy called for a new drive lane along the east property, requiring a portion of the Convent to be demolished, the overall value of the Convent was called into question.  M+H evaluated the existing building on the merit of doing a partial demolition, renovation and addition to the building in lieu of constructing a new Convent.  The walk-thru of the Convent indicated that the building appeared to be structurally sound and in good condition. Deficiencies were identified such as the condition of the existing roof, tuckpointing, and window replacements.  M+H generated a building code evaluation to determine the extent of modifications required to meet the currently adopted building codes.  Interior finishes and construction were evaluated for their condition and whether to be patched and maintained or replaced with new materials or construction.  A cost estimate was generated in order to evaluate the cost of the renovation compared to the replacement value.