Consolidated Electric Cooperative – New Office, Warehouse Addition & Vehicle Canopy

Consolidated Electric realized the time had come for a major decision about repairs, renovation, expansion, etc. and hired M+H Architects as part of a turnkey solution for their facility need challenges. The existing office building was about half the size needed and had issues like major structural settling, water infiltration and energy deficiencies. The operations and warehouse functions were undersized and congested and located among multiple storage and vehicle buildings. The existing site layout created congestion for crews and the loading of material.

Purchasing an additional 7 acres adjacent to the existing property allowed for a masterplan to be developed which solved the long range needs of the cooperative. The new width on the property allowed for an improved and widened entrance drive onto the property. A new office facility for administration and operations staff, along with critical functions is now relocated to the new property, which allowed Consolidated to remain in business during the construction, where site drainage issues and soil condition issues have been resolved. A warehouse expansion and covered loading area for the service and construction crews improved functionality and efficiency for moving the crews and equipment, eliminating congestion and down time.