Citizens Electric Corporation – New Headquarters at Perryville, MO

M+H completed the design of the 75,813 SF Headquarters for Citizens Electric Corporation. We evaluated all of Citizens Electric’s facilities and made recommendations on how to best utilize their facilities while improving efficiency, functionality, responsiveness, and customer service. The square footage needs were evaluated, and a recommendation of combining and centralizing administrative and customer service functions, along with enhanced service facilities at the northern and southern ends of the territory, provided the blend of facilities that will best leverage the assets of Citizens Electric while providing a high level of service for its members.

The facility includes a covered drive-up window, large multi-purpose room and a catering kitchen for members. The staff enjoys new, appropriately sized and located offices, work rooms, break rooms, exercise room, showers/lockers/toilets, training room, warehouse storage and staging areas, and interior vehicle storage. Critical Equipment and War Room in hardened construction assures the facility can continue to function through a disaster.