Church of the Immacolata

Church & School Additions & Associated Site Work

M+H and the Church of the Immacolata completed a Church addition and renovation to the existing Church. The Church addition includes a Narthex, Meeting Room, Auxiliary Sacristy, and Toilet Rooms. Renovation of the existing Church includes new flooring, paint, pew restoration and refinishing, and modifications to lighting.

A School addition was completed closely following the completion of the Church addition. The School addition project includes 4 new classrooms, a faculty room, administrative offices, and new stairs and elevator.

The designs of both additions were sensitive in honoring the designs of the existing buildings with respect to configuration, scale and materials. Great attention was given to finding variegated Indiana limestone veneer to match the existing buildings as closely as possible. The result maintains the harmony of the existing campus.

Site and parking lot layout and traffic flow improvements, along with an enlarged soccer field, completed the projects.