Chesterfield Day School

The St. Albans original project consisted of a new school facility accommodating infants through grade 6.  The building was designed chiefly to operate as a school, however infant/toddler rooms required that part of the facility be operated independent of the school throughout the day.

On a very difficult and restrictive site, our solution allowed the building to create a courtyard for outdoor play with a split-level facility.  Infant/toddler spaces face the perimeter of the play area, independent of any older students or vehicles.  Each room was designed with its own counters, storage and restroom facilities.  Sidewalks, planters and a white picket fence were used to separate the remaining side of the courtyard from parking for parents, and drop-off/pick-up, maximizing child safety while minimizing conflicts with vehicular traffic.

The core of the building includes spaces for administration, dining, art, a small store, music, the before/after hours area, a library, foreign language, and the computer technician. Each space is located to maximize views. The upper level wing accommodates grades 2 through 6. The gymnasium addition was completed as Phase II.

You listened better than any other architect we ever worked with, and you gave us exactly what we wanted. This was the largest project we had ever undertaken and went the smoothest from start to finish.

-The late Dr. Barbara Fulton, Headmaster, Chesterfield Day School