Ballwin Baptist Church

Ballwin Baptist Church – Master Plan

Key Design Challenge
After substantial growth and the acquisition of additional property, the Church needed to know how large their facility could become and in which direction they should expand. Manchester Road borders one side and a residential community surrounded the remaining sides. Being landlocked, it was unclear whether the church should continue to invest in their future at this location. M+H helped them meet their challenge.

Solution to the Challenge
To maximize the site and understand needs for future growth, our study facilitated a balance between seats in the sanctuary, parking spaces and required support spaces. Key areas for expansion were defined, along with a clear understanding of needed support spaces. The maximum growth was determined mathematically and then, with that approval, solutions were developed to complete the building-out of the entire site. Today’s expansions were then determined from the master plan that will meet their needs. Planning and dialogue with the Church Committee yielded a course for the future that allowed Ballwin Baptist Church to build, as a confident step in their growth.

New Educational Building, Parking Reconfiguration

This two story addition to the existing educational building at Ballwin Baptist Church added a new face to the church complex facing Manchester Road. The design incorporated the existing brick color and added a stone base and accents, a large glass tower in the center, and a standard gabled roof to give a modern and majestic feel to a traditional looking building. The new design sets the standard for a future infill that will be located between the new educational wing and the current Sanctuary. The addition houses the church’s preschool and Sunday school programs. The preschool, although an unlicensed daycare, was designed to meet current daycare licensing standards mandated by the state fire marshal and health department. The rooms are spacious and colorful with shared restrooms between them and plenty of natural light provided by operable windows. The building also provides handicapped accessibility throughout the addition and also to the existing education building to which it is linked. The building previously had no wheelchair accessibility between floors. The expansion added 19,000 SF on two levels and involved relocation of about 60 parking spaces.