Ascent CH2 Data Center – New Multi-Tenant Data Center

M+H worked with mission critical expert, Ascent LLC to develop CH2 Data Center, which is a multi-tenant facility designed to house multiple independent data centers within a data center shell in the greater Chicago area of Northlake, Illinois. Each Suite acts as an independent data center – secured from the balance of the building, powered by its own dedicated utility power and supported by its own mechanical and electrical back-up systems. The CH2 Data Center has a dedicated on-site utility substation powered by transmission lines supplying 54+ MW of power via dual diverse 138,000 volt connections.
The first suite completed was for an internet provider. The CH2 Data Center offers this tenant a dedicated, reliable and secure Dynamic Data Center Suite. The suite was purpose-built to the tenant’s technical requirements, designed for flexibility and scalability to grow as the tenant’s business and technical operations require. The space is around 26,700 square feet and includes 10,500 SF of Data Center area, 7,700 SF of Mission Critical area and 8,500 SF for Non-Mission Critical area. The design of the tenant’s suite features unique cabinets with chimneys, Star-line Busway power distribution, and Building Management System controls to deliver a highly efficient, next generation data center.