Webelo Cub Scouts

Paying It Forward with the Cub Scouts

At M+H one of our guiding values is to ‘pay it forward’ whenever possible.  We believe that investing in our youth will not only brighten their future but it will foster an interest and awareness of architecture within the community. 

Last week one of our Project Architects, Bret Fendelman, presented to a group of Webelo Cub Scouts at Bellerive Elementary School.  The kids were eager to see and hear what a ‘real architect’ does as well as earn their engineering badge.

Bret talked about the various fields of architecture and engineering (Civil, MEP, Structural, etc…) and how they all interact with each other. They also reviewed the day-to-day tasks of an architect as well as different forms of structural elements including columns, beams and three types of bridges.  The group was most interested in the kinds of bridges and how they carry loads/forces without falling apart.

After all the questions were answered, the Den leader and Bret took the kids outside to make different types of pulleys.  They were able to demonstrate the loads/forces concept they just discussed. They were able to lift a concrete block and test how different pulleys performed better than others.

“It was great to see the light bulbs go on for these kids when they saw the real world application of the concepts we just talked about.” said Bret.  He later added, “This is such a rewarding aspect of my job, I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Thank you to Webelo Pack 492, Den 2, for including M+H in your quest to become Boy Scouts!